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Osteopath Kay Lilley, Sevenoaks, aims to provide you with excellence and value.

Committing time to look after your body is a long term investment so worth making. Thanks for visiting this site, you could be  just a call away from a a happier, painfree you.

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I can help with a broad range of patients of all ages  and conditions, These include; back pain, 'sciatic' type pain, neck pain and stiffness, muscle pain due to postural imbalances, trapped nerves and repetitive strain injuries, sports and running injuries, arthritic pain and stiffness, headaches, 'slipped disc' pain, "Frozen" or stiff shoulders, pain associated with scoliosis or spinal curvature.



Booking is easy, just call me or email.  Located on the A25 in Seal, at the site of the old Crown Public House we are 1.9 miles from the centre of Sevenoaks and around 5 mins away. I am perfectly placed to get you out of pain and back on track! I offer private, free, car parking at the back of the practice. 


Osteopaths use hands to diagnose and treat painful conditions and help your body’s natural healing ability. Our philosophy is simple. Treatments focus on giving your body the space and support it needs to function well and heal itself. I use gentle, manual techniques aimed at easing pain, reducing swelling, improving joint mobility and releasing muscle tension.

All designed to get you back to living your life to the full.