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Do  you have movement or pain issues? Read on to find out more about Kay and Osteopathy...


 Osteopaths may help with a broad range of patients of all ages and conditions.

Manual treament helps with sciatic' type pain, neck pain and stiffness, muscle pain due to postural imbalances, trapped nerves and repetitive strain injuries, sports and running injuries, arthritic pain and stiffness, headaches, 'slipped disc' pain, "Frozen" or stiff shoulders, pain associated with scoliosis or spinal curvature.

Booking is easy text, call me or email.  Located on the A25 in Seal and off of the A21 at Lamberhurst easy to find with free parking at the back of the building.

How do Osteopaths work?

Osteopaths use hands to diagnose and treat painful conditions and help your body’s natural healing. Kay uses gentle, manual techniques aimed at easing pain, reducing swelling, improving joint mobility and releasing muscle tension.  

How many appoinment do I need?

Most people commit to 3 - 4  treatments (3 often is a minimum) and then often  do monthly visits for maintainance treatments  especially if you have ongoing issues such as arthritis or postural issues...  Go to Contact us page to book your appointment


Kay Lilley has a B.Ost degree in Osteopath and in BA(Hons) in History. She has been a BWY Yoga Teacher for 20 years and is a MA Mindfulness Teacher. Kay runs IST for Yoga Teachers and CPD for Osteopaths..


The British Medical Association’s guidance for general practitioners states that doctors can safely refer patients to osteopaths.


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